Why do cars have horns?

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Why do cars have horns?

Car and motor horns are safety devices used to warn other road users of any potential danger while driving your vehicle. Horns come with varying sound tones with low and high pitch sound options. If you are looking for replacing or upgrading Horn of your vehicle, you are in right place. BASSO can help you in choosing the right Horn for your CAR or MOTORCYCLE.

Here is the list of Top Best Selling https://bassohorn.com/collections

  1. Disc Horn:https://bassohorn.com/collections/disc-horn
  2. Snail horn:https://bassohorn.com/collections/snail-horn
  • Pleasant Tone
  • Plastic trumpet-Fracture and corrosion resistant.
  • High-Quality construction
  • Consistent performance.
  • Sturdy and Flexible Bracket.
  • Easy Horizontal or vertical mounting.
  • Extremely resistant to vibrations.
  • Operating with 105-118db
  • Teflon filter technology.

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